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AC/DC is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for its high CBD content and low THC levels, making it a popular choice for medicinal purposes. Named after the famous rock band, AC/DC is a mellow strain with an energizing and uplifting effect that is perfect for daytime use.

Origins of AC/DC Strain

AC/DC is a cross between the sativa strain Cannatonic and an indica-dominant hybrid, Ruderalis. Cannatonic is known for its high CBD levels, while Ruderalis is known for its short stature and quick flowering time. The crossbreeding produced a unique strain that has a low THC content of about 1% to 6% and a high CBD content of 20% or more.

The strain was named after the band AC/DC because the combination of the high CBD content and low THC content reminded growers of the band’s signature song “Highway to Hell.”

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

AC/DC nugs have a dense, resinous structure with dark green leaves that are covered in orange pistils. The buds are compact and have a slightly sticky texture when handled due to their high resin content.

The aroma of AC/DC is a blend of earthy, woody scents with hints of pine, providing a natural earthiness that can be refreshing. The flavor of AC/DC is mild, unlike some of the stronger strains on the market. It has a sweet floral taste that lingers long after you’ve finished smoking.

Effects & Therapeutic Benefits

One of the primary benefits of AC/DC is its high CBD content, which provides numerous therapeutic effects without producing much of the psychoactive effects usually associated with cannabis. People suffering from a variety of ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures and depression could benefit from smoking AC/DC.

As mentioned earlier, the strain has only a low THC level, so it doesn’t produce the traditional high usually associated with cannabis strains with higher THC content. Instead, AC/DC is known for its calming and relaxing effects, providing users with relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

AC/DC’s uplifting effects are ideal for those looking to reduce fatigue during the day or remain productive while tackling everyday tasks. You can get on with your day as usual without feeling overwhelmed or tired out!

Most significantly AC/DC’s CBD dominant profile makes it ideal for individuals suffering from epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain and other conditions. Its ability to provide relief without the side effects of most prescription drugs has made it widely popular among medicinal cannabis consumers.

Final Thoughts

AC/DC is a unique strain perfect for medicinal users who wish to experience the benefits of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive effects usually associated with high THC strains.

At Weed Fam, we strive to cater to all our customers according to their personal needs. Therefore, we offer a range of different strains including AC/DC that boasts a high CBD content and low levels of THC to ensure that everyone can have access to cannabis benefits with minimal or no psychoactive effects.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing AC/DC or any of our other quality strains, visit our website today! Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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