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This is a highly popular and potent Sativa dominant strain that offers an invigorating, energizing high suitable for daytime use. Its unique fruity and citrusy aroma has made it one of the most sought after strains in the cannabis market.

Origins of Green Crack Strain

Green Crack, also known as “Green Cush” or simply “Cush,” was reportedly named by none other than rapper Snoop Dogg. It is believed to have originated in Athens, Georgia, during the late 1980s, and was later improved upon by the famous breeder Cecil C., aka “The Guru.”

The strain was initially called “Cush” but was later renamed “Green Crack” after Snoop Dogg sampled the strain and loved its energizing attributes. While the new name didn’t sit well with some people due to its connotation with crack cocaine, it didn’t stop this strain from gaining immense popularity among seasoned and novice cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Green Crack nugs have a distinguishable appearance. They are compact and dense, with a bright green hue that is intermingled with red-orange pistils. The leaves are densely packed together, giving it an overall effect of cleanliness when looking at it.

When you open a jar of Green Crack buds, you are rewarded with a sweet and fruity aroma that is reminiscent of tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapple. It’s been described as smelling like a fruit salad, with a hint of spice. Growing green crack

As for flavor, Green Crack delivers a refreshing taste that reflects its aroma. There’s a noticeable sweetness on the inhale, which is followed by a punchy lemon-lime citrus taste that leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste. Overall, This is a pleasant strain to enjoy through all senses.

Effects & Therapeutic Benefits

This is widely recognized for its potent Sativa effects that provide an immediate rush of energy and uplifting cerebral high that will have you feeling productive and creative. The strain is perfect for those who need a boost of motivation to get through their day without feeling sluggish or overly sedated. green crack strain review

The high from this strain is like a highly potent cup of coffee. It’s a quick and strong jolt to the system that awakens your senses, improves your focus, and boosts your energy levels. These effects make this strain one of the best options for those with depression, anxiety, and stress-related issues.

Moreover, This is also beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue or pain, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments. Its energizing effects help to combat the drowsiness and lethargy associated with these conditions.

Final Thoughts

Green Crack is a highly sought-after strain among cannabis enthusiasts. Its energetic and invigorating properties make it perfect for daytime use and an ideal choice for those seeking an uplifting effect that can enhance productivity and creativity. green crack wax

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